ECN Spanish Strategic Group (ECN-SSG)

The ECN Spanish Strategic Group (ECN-SSG) was officially established within the European European Crowdfunding Network (ECN) in June 2020. It is organized as a multi-stakeholder working group which integrates various entities, with the aim of creating innovative scenarios and spreading the Crowdfunding culture in Spain.

The ECN-SSG is open to participation and brings together public authorities, development agencies, platforms, universities, private foundations and professional associations, whom add knowledge, contacts and skills to strengthen the existing national ecosystem along with the European connection that ECN provides.

The importance of the ECN-SSG is based on the key-principle of improving understanding and trust in the sector for both investors and entrepreneurs, interconnecting public-private actors in different scenarios, as well as the dissemination and acquisition of a set of skills and competences related to the various aspects of crowdfunding already consolidated at a European level.

ECN-SSG is the result of the interaction and coordination between:

The commitment of ECN Spanish Strategic Group and with this project, is directly link with the mission of ECN, which aims to contribute knowledge, materials, professional reinforcement and become a forum that allows new ways of cooperation in the crowdfunding sector – Now more than ever it is necessary to strengthen alternative financing mechanisms not only in Spain, but in Europe in general. At the same time, create awareness and trust towards crowdfunding thanks to the training and professionalization of new professional profiles, both in connection with platforms and entities that are connected to project financing, in addition to education on these issues in their broadest sense. Spain, being the fifth country in Europe in terms of amount raised via crowdfunding, is an example of the rising potential ecosystem that connects with the opportunities and benefits it provides in the context of alternative finance.