ECN, together with its members aims at bringing together universities, public authorities, private foundations, and industry associations and provide them with knowledge, contacts and skills as to support the creation of a national, regional and local culture of crowdfunding. We have developed a unique training and educational programme that can be rolled out across any European member state in cooperation with relevant, committed and professional stakeholders.

In 2019, when we rolled out our first national training and education plan with our partners in Italy, we have educated more than 100 professionals. We expect this number to grow significantly and we are working on expanding our network into other European countries and online. We believe that improving the understanding and trust towards the crowdfunding sector for both investors and entrepreneurs, as well as in the dissemination and acquisition of a consolidated set of skills and competences is key to a successful exploitation of crowdfunding as a tool for capital creation, citizen engagement and co-creation. Especially in times where Europe needs more collaboration than ever, if we are to achieve sustainable development of our Economy, keeping our environment safe and healthy and remain competitive and innovative in an ever changing global economy.

Please feel to contact our Director of Public Affairs, Francesca Passeri, for any additional questions.