• Promote crowdfunding as a viable offering of job creation, social innovation and boost to entrepreneurship to the European public, policy makers and stakeholders
  • Providing resources, professional support and a forum for collaborative action regarding crowdfunding
  • Publicize community successes, impacts and scale of ambitions, as well as promote innovative financial solutions for funding social & business projects
  • Create and influence the political discourse regarding crowdfunding within the European Union


  • Joint platform for self-regulation, transparency and governance issues
  • Combined voice in policy discussion and public opinion building
  • Increased network through peer-to-peer interaction
  • Knowledge exchange and information for stakeholders
  • Professional image of crowdfunding due to economies of scale

Value Proposition

  • Raising professional standards – The ECN is engaging in a discourse with policy makers and industry regarding professional standards, best practice and data provision
  • Networking opportunities – The ECN is providing opportunities for members from across Europe to meet together, exchange information and ideas, and discuss the latest industry trends and issues.
  • Industry research and promotion – The ECN is promoting, conducting or commissioning a wide variety of research on crowdfunding and its impact on economy and society