CrowdTuesday – An Informal European Crowdfunding Industry Meetup


CrowdTuesday is an ECN’s initiative encouraging the European crowdfunding and alternative finance industry to engage in a discussion and share best practices on a local and European level. Since the first CrowdTuesday in 2014, our members and partners organized over 50 activities and engaged thousands of people. Initially, a small size event with years grew to medium-sized informal gatherings and online webinars.  

CrowdTuesday events, organized by members and friends of ECN across Europe, are a perfect occasion to meet like-minded people on a local level and do some networking, as well as listen to an interesting presentation in an informal environment.  All CrowdTuesday events are free of charge.

CrowdTuesday webinars, organized by ECN, allow anyone with an interest in digital innovation in finance to engage in topics without leaving a house. It expands the networking possibilities from local to European level. 


By bringing various actors of the alternative finance sector together, from crowdfunding and peer-to-peer lending, microfinance and ICO, ECN aims to encourage them to share their knowledge and best practices, improve cooperation and create a stronger and unified European crowdfunding industry.


Who can organize a CrowdTuesday?
ECN’s members and partners who are operating in alternative finance sector or close to it.

Benefits of organizing a CrowdTuesday
By deciding to organize a CrowdTuesday in your area, you will benefit from several advantages, including:

  • Increased local and international visibility – you will become a point of reference for the crowdfunding actors in your community and you will have the opportunity to increase your visibility at European level.
  • Establish new and reinforce old contacts with the local and European financial innovators, relevant companies and stakeholders.
  • International visibility through ECN:
    • An article about your CrowdTuesday activity on the ECN’s website.
    • Promotion of the activity via ECN newsletter.
    • Promotion of your CrowdTuesday on ECN’s social media channels.


Organizing an event:

  1. Check the previous CrowdTuesday events.
  2. Come up with a topic and contact ECN (
  3. Set the target group for participants. 
  4. Contact possible speakers.
  5. Look for sponsors who could sponsor the coffee, venue, or anything else you might need.
  6. Set the date and time.
  7. Draft the preliminary agenda.
  8. Update ECN ( about your event. We will provide you with feedback and any other information that can be relevant to you in terms of the event.
  9. Promote your event on the local and European level.