Crowdfunding combinations in Fundraising for Culture and Creative Sector


The European Commission’s Creative Europe – Spain Office, with the support of the Spanish Fundraising Association (AEFR), is organising a training session on fundraising strategies and tools for the cultural and creative sectors on 2 and 3 December 2020The European Crowdfunding Network is joining the effort and will share opportunities for funding the cultural and creative sectors.

We will be showcasing how crowdfunding is supporting cultural and creative entrepreneurship. In particular, we will outline how organizations concerned with cultural heritage, such as museums, use blended funding strategies involving crowdfunding to reinforce their collections. We are also outlining how policy at local to EU level is applying crowdfunding to incentivise citizens engagement to culture-funds.

Access the full programme (Spanish) 

The two-day event will see specialists and representatives of the funding, cultural and creative sectors as well as heritage organisations share their experience in raising funding for their activities in general and specifically in times of CoVID. 

The session is free and the capacity is limited, therefore we suggest to register here


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