Blockpool: Registration for the Blockchain Webinars Series 2 is now OPEN!


ECN welcomes registration to the second Blockpool Webinar Series for sessions on blockchain technology, digital currency programming and more. Experts from across Europe will examine and discuss the latest developments and insights relevant for blockchain adaption of small and medium sized enterprises.

Registration is free of charge via the Blockpool website, where you can also find out additional details.

October 5th and 9th: Blockchain Technology

Learning Topics

  • Game theoretical aspects of Blockchain Technology
  • What makes blockchain technology work
  • General view of the risks associated with Blockchain Technology
  • Discuss the power of algorithms
  • Elaborate on the dimensions of public relevance algorithms that are affecting human discourse and knowledge
  • DAOs: Interesting consequences and potentials they offer
  • Discuss decentralized markets
  • Emergence of decentralized darknet markets


Course Scheduled Delivery

Session 1 – October 5th 10:30-13:30 CET
Session 2 – October 9th 10:00-13:00 CET


October 15th & 16th: Digital Currency Programming
Learning Topics
  • Introduction to smart contracts programming
  • The Solidity programming language
  • Elements of Solidity programming
  • Lifecycle of smart contracts


Course Scheduled Delivery

Session 3 – October 15th 10:00-13:00 CET
Session 4 – October 16th 10:00-13:00 CET



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