ECN initiated welcomes 25 SMEs to its BDLT Accelerator and Funding Program


Brussels, 30th June 2020. ECN and, funded under the ECs Horizon 2020, today officially announced the 25 SMEs selected for funding and participation in the bespoke Business and Technical Support Program for blockchain and distributed ledger technology (BDLT) implementation that will run for 10 months.

The Accelerator Program will support to the 25 selected SMEs

  • to turn their pilot ideas into viable businesses.
  • with training and mentoring by specialists.
  • to make contacts and access BDLT
  • by providing financial support of 30.000€ to each SME.

ECN is proud to have been a driving force in developing and is enthusiastic about working closely with these SMEs in pioneering BDLT.

The primary ambition of is to lead to a more cutting-edge and competitive European industry as well as to the structuring of the emerging value chain of BDLT beyond financial markets. It is in that sense intended to focus on BDLT at a post-prototyping stage that SMEs can adapt to their business through BDLT-testing activities that can be either demonstration oriented or/and focused on adaptation.

The training activities as well as the celebration of bootcamps are open to the general public so we invite blockchain lovers to stay tuned and join in this Blockpool adventure!

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