CrowdTuesday: Megatrends and innovation: how finance and economy will change. 19 September 2019, Udine.


Population aging, climate change, technological innovation and new consumption models are some of the great social and economical transformation that will lead political choices in the next years. In Italy alone, the energy transition (green economy) is estimated to generate production value of €370 billion in 5 years.

This represents an opportunity for investors, for those looking for investors and for those in charge of public administration. However, the Member States and the European Union do not have all the resources necessary to activate the necessary investments.

This CrowdTuesday aims to explain with real examples which strategies are being prepared at European level to integrate public (even local) with private finance, seeking those synergies between capital, economic growth and sustainability that speed up the achievement of green economy objectives.

When: 19. September 2019, from 16.45 onwards

Location: Centro Convegni Paolino d’Aquileia, Udine (Italy)

Registration: and further information 

Agenda: Starting as of 16.45

  • Welcome – Michela del Piero (CiviBank)
  • Megatrends and opportunities to support return, growth and sustainability – Gianluca Minella (Deutsche Bank London)
  • Energy poverty: policy and investment solutions for Europe – Edo Omic (CEB – Council of European Development Bank)
  • Evolution of the “Smart City” concept and the cities of the future – Alessandra Cassisi & Angelo Giordano (CiviESCo)
  • The evolution of european context to support innovation: the research and development framework programme – Marco Falzetti (APRE – Agenzia per la Promozione della Ricerca Europea)
  • The role of crowdfunding in the future European strategy – Luigi Della Sala (ECN – European Crowdfunding Network)
  • Alternative finance: advantages and opportunities of crowd-lending – Daniele Zini (October)
  • Equity crowdfunding to finance green projects – Carlo Allevi (WeAreStarting)
  • Closing – Massimo Bolzicco (CiviESCo)

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