European Crowdfunding Network to promote match-making pilot scheme between crowdfunding platforms and Seal of Excellence beneficiaries


Brussels, 18 June, 2019 – Within the context of the recently launched Italian Strategic Group, ECN members ART-ER, Unioncamere Lombardia, WeAreStarting, October, and Civesco are happy to announce the creation of the first match-making pilot scheme between Seal of Excellence beneficiaries of the European Commissions EIC Accelerator (SME Instrument) and crowdfunding platforms.

The pilot aims at providing an additional option to Italian Seal of Excellence beneficiaries looking for funding through the facilitation of matches with two leading crowdfunding platforms in Italy: October (lending crowdfunding) and WeAreStarting (equity crowdfunding).


The initiative is open to any Seal of Excellence beneficiary based in Italy. Through the cooperation with ART-ER (Emilia Romagna), Unioncamere Lombardia, Civiesco Bank and other institutional partners, the pilot also aims at providing a high-quality training to interested participants. The first edition of the one-day training session will be held in Bologna, on July 8. Participants will receive a general training on crowdfunding, how it works and how to benefit from it, and will then have the opportunity to discuss directly with crowdfunding platforms, investors and enterprises who have already run a crowdfunding campaign.



Starting from one of the Member States with the highest number of Seal of Excellence beneficiaries in the EU, the pilot will serve as a proof of concept of the win-win situation that a combination between crowdfunding and EU funds can create. Among others, one of the main outcomes of this initiative will be is to lay the foundations for the replication of such scheme in any other EU Member State.

Expressions of interest for participation in the pilot scheme can be submitted by filling the following online application form (Italian). For further information, please contact (subject line “Seal of Excellence participation”).





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