Crowdfunding Advanced and Basic Training, Padua, 2-5 July 2019


The third edition of the Basic Crowdfunding Training and the first edition of the Advanced Crowdfunding Training takes place respectively on 2-3 July and 4-5 July in Padua, Italy, organised jointly by ECN and Fondazione Fenice Green Energy Park.


Both training sessions will be delivered within the broader framework of the ECN-Italian Strategic Group, an initiative aimed at promoting and supporting the creation of a favourable crowdfunding ecosystem in Italy through education.

The Advanced Crowdfunding Training (2-3 July) will host 20 participants who had already attended the Basic Crowdfunding Training in March and successfully passed the certification exam. With the support of ECN Members and partners ItaliaFintech, WeAreStarting, Walliance, Osborne Clarke and Unioncamere Lombardia, the two-days training focused on deepening the knowledge of participants on the opportunities offered by crowdfunding in combination with other funding sources, as well as on specific features and sub-models in crowdfunding, investors’ protection rules, and future opportunities for the integration of crowdfunding with EU and national initiatives.

On July 4-5, a second batch of participants will join the third edition of the Basic Crowdfunding Training Course. The main focus of the two-days course will be to provide a general introduction to crowdfunding models and functioning mechanisms, as well as a general structure to set up and run a successful crowdfunding campaign. We are grateful for strong support in delivering the contents to ItaliaFintech, Walliance, BacktoWork24, Osborne Clarke and Unioncamere Lombardia.

The trainings are part of a 3-modules training course aimed at creating professionals and consultants with a thorough knowledge of crowdfunding and how to best exploit its potential. The next edition of the Basic Crowdfunding Training Course will be held in Padua, on 18-19 September 2019.


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