Gianluca Di Pasquale, Future Cities Advisory & Technology Leader, EY


Gianluca is a seasoned professional with international exposure to the intersection of business and innovation. With 20 years of industry experience, he focuses on the strategic management of sustainability, digitalization and finance. Seeks to inspire companies in various industries and local government authorities to establish new business models enabled by the internet economy.

Has harnessed deep knowledge in areas of Urbanization, Climate Change, Energy, Mobility, Water, Green finance, Future Cities, Innovation Labs (Blockchain, Internet of Things, 5G and BigData), Sharing Economy, Advisory, Professional Firms & Services as well as Wealth and Asset Management.

He holds several international patents, some of which have re-established the principles of operation and the economic models of modern communication networks, he earned his master’s degrees in Environmental and Sustainability Engineering as well as in Telecommunication Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Milan.
Gianluca is a start-upper and a social entrepreneur as well as a Business mentor.


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