Coenraad de Vries, Founder, Oneplanetcrowd



Photo C. De VriesCoenraad de Vries is Co-founder and Managing Partner of StartGreen Capital and Oneplanetcrowd.

The mission of the Oneplanetcrowd and Startgreen is to finance sustainable innovation by Venture Capital, Crowd funding or Project finance. With these finance instruments Oneplanetcrowd provides sustainable entrepreneurs custom-made finance solutions. The company is founded in 2006 and has 150 million euros under management.

Oneplanetcrowd is the largest sustainable Crowdfundingplatform in the Netherlands and is also active in Germany, Belgium and France.
Previously Coenraad worked in the banking industry in several management positions.

His personal ambition is to accelerate a sustainable change in the financial industry. Coenraad is a member of the non-Executive Board at the European Crowdfunding Network with focus on Capital Markets. He previously served already as a Director on the Board from 2015-2017.




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