ECN CrowdCamp: Crowdfunding Platforms and Match-funding


How can crowdfunding prove to be an asset to both, public authorities and citizens?

In the past couple of years, there have been already some successful examples of partnerships between crowdfunding platforms and regional/local authorities. Such cooperation called match-funding helps to boost projects that might not be a priority for the public authorities but are needed for local communities. However, match-funding is not being used to its full potential yet and therefore, we are inviting experts from civic crowdfunding platforms to share their success stories and engage in a discussion on how such cooperation can be improved.

ECN CrowdCamp: PANEL 1 (28 June 2018)

Moderator: Martina Lodi, KICK-ER Service Manager at ASTER


  • Marijn Arnoldus, General Director & Co-founder at Voor Je Buurt, the first civic crowdfunding and crowdsourcing platform in the Netherlands.
  • Kerstin Eisenhut, Innovation Manager at StartNext, the largest German crowdfunding platform established in 2010 with extensive experience in partnering up with public authorities.
  • Cristina Moreno de Alboran, Head of Partnerships at Goteo Foundation, a Spanish crowdfunding platform for which she is managing relationships with public and private institutions and design match-funding schemes on a local, regional and international level.
  • Hanne Lahousse, Growfunding, a crowdfunding platform focused on urban development and established through a European Social Fund grant in Brussels.

For the full version of the agenda, registration and more information click here.



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