Giordano Dichter, Senior Business Advisor at European Crowdfunding Network


Giordano joined ECN in February 2018. He oversees the training and consulting activities of the network. Previously Giordano headed the EU|BIC Services team of the European EU|BIC Network (EBN), where he assured the seamless management of the EU|BIC Quality trademark, oversaw content development and was responsible for the acquisition and the delivery of technical assistance and training. His passion for innovation and entrepreneurship sprung during his collaboration with the EU|BIC Lazio, where he has directly coached companies and startups and witnessed innovation and entrepreneurship in practice. Giordano has been a field local economic development expert, for various agencies of the United Nations System (UNDP, ILO, UNOPS) in various emerging countries. He holds a university degree in economics acquired at the University of Siena.


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