Call to ECN Members: investment experts wanted!


Do you have in-depth knowledge on investing via crowdfunding platforms, building portfolios, managing investments or experience in crowdfunding and co-investments? Then share your knowledge and experience at our webinars!

We are planning a series of 4 webinars targeted to (potential) investors ranging from a crowdfunding starter’s guide up to professional investment portfolios and co-investing.

  • Starter Guide (18.05.2018, 2 PM) A starter’s guide to investing via crowdfunding platforms (how crowdfunding fits in early-stage investing, differences, online pools vs direct, risks)
  • Building a Portfolio (19.06.2018, 2 PM) Building a diversified investment portfolio via crowdfunding across multiple crowdfunding platforms (risk diversification via crowdfunding, hurdles, information flow)
  • Manage Investments and Flow-on Rounds (17.09.2018, 2 PM) Crowdfunding as a follow-on funding for existing investment portfolios (entry point for angels, existing co’s to raise 2nd round or do market validation via reward)
  • Crowdfunding Platforms and Co-investment (19.11.2018, 2 PM) Crowdfunding and co-investments (focus on funds, vc, angel networks and governmental funds allocating funds alongside the crowd, how it works)

These webinars are part of our activities within the ESIL project. The Early Stage Investing Launchpad – ESIL is a Pan-European community aiming to improve angel investment market, stimulate cross-border investment opportunities, find new deals, connect the most relevant networks and build a tailored training programme for local ecosystems.

ECN is committed to raising awareness on how to best use crowdfunding. In this perspective, we have started giving webinars and workshops to different target groups, such as startups and SMEs, intermediaries or investors.

ECN would like to give the chance to volunteering members to participate in one of our upcoming webinars on crowdfunding, sponsored by the ESIL project. If you are interested in sharing your knowledge and experience at our webinars, please contact Conny Weber via 


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