Giovanni Anceschi, Chief Operating Officer at Energy Way


Giovanni Anceschi is Chief Operating Officer of Energy Way and is responsible for the organic growth of the company, working on policies and research activities aimed at promoting company culture and vision.

Giovanni is a young Energetic Engineer, graduated with honors from the University of Bologna. Following a post-graduate internship experience in Bordeaux in 2014, he met Fabio Ferrari, C.E.O. of Energy Way, an innovative StartUp engaged in Energy Data Management and settled in Modena, Italy. Since then, Giovanni has become R&D manager, C.O.O. and partner of the Company. Up to now, he is involved in several large projects, inside Energy Way, some of which are:

  • Developing a knowledge platform and competency framework for helping Energy Way to grow quickly and to share the know-how inside the company
  • Designing and deploying an artificial intelligence algorithm for optimizing a Waste To Energy plant of one of Italy’s largest utilities
  • Managing an innovative project aimed at developing a web platform able to simplify and collect all the energy data of a company, thus enabling a real data-driven strategy
  • Performing Energy Audits for Italian and international companies, in different industries, including automotive, banking, manufacturing
  • Building energy efficiency plans for one of Italy’s largest banking groups

Thanks to his solid preparation, his personal inclination to teach and the attraction towards ideas and experimental projects, in 2016 he founded AlloraSpengo, which is an educational path that helps middle school children to learn and practice energy efficiency, through coding and Open Hardware technology. Last January Giovanni was also selected by Forbes as one of the 30 brilliant #Under30 of Europe 2018, in the Industry section.


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