Ivana Pais, Associate Professor at Università Cattolica, Milano


Ivana Pais is Associate Professor in Economic Sociology at Università Cattolica, Milano. Her research interest focuses on sharing economy and digital labour.

Her recent publications include: Bonini, T., & Pais, I. (2017). Hacking public service media funding: A scenario for rethinking the license fee as a form of civic crowdfunding. International Journal on Media Management, 19(2), 123-143; Balboni, B., Kocollari, U., & Pais, I. (2016). Crowdfunding for social enterprises: An exploratory analysis of the Italian context. In J. Meric, J. Brabet, I. Maque (Eds.), International Perspectives on Crowdfunding: Positive, Normative and Critical Theory (pp. 65-79). Emerald Group Publishing Limited; Guerzoni, M., Peirone, D., Pais, I., & Miglietta, A. (2016). The Emerging Crowdfunding Market in Italy: Are “the Crowd” Friends of Mine?. In Brüntje D., Gajda O. (Eds.), Crowdfunding in Europe (pp. 87-96). Springer, Cham.



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