Road to CrowdCamp: ECN and CF4ESIF Members to speak about civic crowdfunding at the European Parliament


On April 11, representatives of ECN and three crowdfunding platforms will be speaking at the European Parliament in order to present the value of a specific crowdfunding scheme – the civic crowdfunding mechanism – where citizens, crowdfunding platforms and public administrations work together to secure funding for projects in the field of local and regional development.

ECN will present the activities and objectives of the CF4ESIF Working Group (Crowdfunding for European Structural and Investment Funds), which has been officially established in December 2017. The Working Group brings together crowdfunding platforms and Managing Authorities, with the aim of designing and implementing an innovative blending scheme where resources collected through crowdfunding platforms are combined with ESIF grants. Such innovative scheme would increase transparency, openness and democratization of the overall procedure, while granting higher involvement of citizens at all stages, increasing their sense of ownership and belonging to their community, and providing additional financial resources to projects with a local impact.

Three crowdfunding platforms and ECN Members –  Ulule (IT), Goteo (ES) and Growfunding (BE) – will present their experiences of civic crowdfunding during the conference, highlighting the range of different possibilities for the implementation of a partnership with public administrations. Thanks to their sound expertise in this domain, platforms’ representatives will discuss the potential of reward-crowdfunding for citizens and public administrations, focusing especially on presenting successful projects in the fields of agriculture, tourism, urban renovation and circular economy.

The conference is organized and hosted by MEP Rosa D’Amato, member of the REGI Committee of the European Parliament, and registration will remain open until April 5th.
To register, please send an email to Ms. Monia Benini ( indicating “April 11th Conference registration” in the subject line, and indicating the following personal info:

  • Name, last name
  • Place and date of birth
  • National ID/Passport number

See the official invitation here.


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