Join the 3rd ECN CrowdCamp “The European Dimension of Civic Crowdfunding” in Bologna, Italy


On 28-29 June 2018, ECN together with Aster and the Library of the National Research Council (CNR) will host the 3rd ECN CrowdCamp “The European Dimension of Civic Crowdfunding”. 

This year, due to the consolidation of civic crowdfunding practices across Europe and the increasing importance of blending schemes and financial instruments in the future European funding landscape, the conference focuses on how to best combine crowdfunding with other sources of funding, among which the European Structural and Investment Funds.

The main questions to be addressed during the CrowdCamp:

  • How can crowdfunding prove itself as a valuable asset to public administrations and citizens?
  • What match-funding options are already available at the regional/local level and could be replicated across Europe?
  • How do European policy makers perceive these opportunities and how do they plan to exploit them in the future?
  • Which future opportunities can be identified for crowdfunding in combination with other alternative finance means?

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CrowdCamp is an annual event created by the ECN to promote crowdfunding as an innovative finance source, educate entrepreneurs on how to use it, raise awareness among investors on its potential. Every year CrowdCamp focuses on a different application of crowdfunding, inviting crowdfunding platforms and relevant stakeholder in the selected field.


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