ECN membership structure renewed


ECN welcomes 2018 with a renewed membership structure which, we believe, will bring great benefits to our existing and future Members. Not only we have changed the names, we have also clarified the benefits of each membership. Moreover, we have published ECN’s Key Performace Indicators, which will allow compliance Platform Members to earn ECN’s golden badge.

The renewed membership levels are:
  1. Platform Member for European crowdfunding platforms (If a Platform Member wants to be upgraded to a Golden Platform Member, compliance with ECN’s Code of Conduct and transparency according to ECN’s Key Performance Indicators is required)
  2. Strategic Member for public and private organisations
  3. Premium Member for any stakeholder, company or individual
  4. Supporting Member for any stakeholder, company or individual (brings different benefits than Premium Member)

Find the detailed list of each membership level benefits here.

In addition, we would like to welcome 6 new ECN Members:

  • Growfunding – reward crowdfunding platform (Belgium)
  • Koalect – white label solution provider (Belgium)
  • iUVO Group – P2P investment platform (Estonia)
  • Bulkestate – real estate crowdfunding platform (Estonia)
  • GOTEO – reward crowdfunding platform (Spain)
  • Voor je Buurt – reward crowdfunding platform (The Netherlands)

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