Webinar: “Building a code of conduct for the crowdfunding industry in Europe” – 8 November 2017


Webinar #16 – “Building a code of conduct for the crowdfunding industry in Europe: ideas, key elements and implementation ”

Join our 30 min webinar on the 8th of November 2017 – 13:00 CET.

One of the main challenges the crowdfunding industry has been facing since its beginning is its own professionalization. A code of conduct is a key aspect of this process. ECN together with is Board members has been working on one over the past two years and wants now to share it with you to get feedback and further inputs for its implementation.

Join us in the this webinar where  Coenraad de Vries, Co-founder of Oneplanetcrowd and ECN Board Member, will present and discuss the implementation of the code of conduct together with Francesca Passeri, ECN Project Manager.

In this session you will:

  • learn the basic principles of the ECN Code of Conduct
  • understand how it can be implemented
  • discuss how it can be improved.


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