ECN Crossborder crowdfunding and marketplace lending survey: end date 15 July 2017, 12.00pm

ECN seeks input into a survey on obstacles to cross-border crowdfunding for both lending (P2P) and securities (equity).
In order to provide input to the Capital Market Union action plan of the European Commission, we are evaluating the effectiveness and degree of convergence of national regulatory frameworks, convergence, sharing of best practice and developments. The assessment of operational hurdles in cross-border business and investor protection aspects are key to this survey.
We will focus solely on crowdfunding models that entail a financial return, notably:
– investment-based crowdfunding (where companies issue equity or debt instruments to crowd-investors through a platform) and
– lending-based crowdfunding (where companies or individuals seek to obtain funds from the public through platforms in the form of a loan agreement)
We are looking for interested senior executives of crowdfunding platforms that will be able to answer the below qualitative questionnaire with regard to operational hurdles and disclosure and safeguards in cross border crowdfunding and online lending.
Please elaborate your answers with background. We need to collect your email address in order to be able to verify your answers, if needed.
You can access the survey HERE

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