Renewable energy Horizon prices, Crack the challenge, 22 June 2017, Brussels


Horizon Prizes aim to encourage innovation and find solutions to social and scientific challenges. Funded under Horizon 2020, the two prizes presented here will reward innovative approaches to integrating solar energy into historical buildings and to using renewable energy in hospitals. Contestants have total freedom in the approach they take to deliver breakthrough solutions.

The challenge of the first prize, worth EUR 1 million, is to develop an innovative renewable energy solution integrating several technologies into one energy system in a hospital, while ensuring a 100 % secure energy supply.

The second prize of EUR 750 000 is for innovative solutions to integrating photovoltaics into buildings. These should combine technology with the cultural heritage of a city district, to be a replicable solution for other districts across Europe.

This session aims to discover and address the challenges faced by the contestants, as well as provide information on other ways of accessing funding, such as crowdfunding and funding associations.

The session welcomes organisations that are currently preparing their application and would like more information on the process, as well as organisations that are interested in applying and want to find out how they can benefit from the Horizon Prizes.

The European Commission has introduced these prizes as contributors to both the Energy Union and the Strategic Energy Technology Plan (SET-Plan).

ECN’s CEO, Oliver Gajda will be among the speakers, as ECN is an official partner of InvestHorizon. .

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