Prepare for the next phase of online access to finance, secure your spot at the next Crowdfunding Convention.


Prepare for the next phase of online access to finance, secure your spot at the next Crowdfunding Convention

Technology is changing drastically the way SMEs and individuals can get access to finance. Crowdfunding, marketplace lending, digital payments and mobile transfers have raised the standards of efficiency, transparency and openness, challenging traditional financial institutions to innovate and adapt to clients’ digital expectations and needs. More recently, the emergence of AI and blockchain are opening the door to even more disruptive developments and disintermediation in the near future.

These changes are taking place at a fast pace for a sector that has not seen many  innovations in the past thirty years. Consequently, digital disruptions are posing serious questions on regulation, cyber security, cross-borders activity, professional conduct and consumer protection. The 6 th ECN Crowdfunding Convention, with main theme “New technologies for access to finance”, will focus on exactly these aspects.

You will hear from international policymakers, like Peteris Zilgalvis, Co-Chair of the Fintech Stakeholder Forum at the European Commission what actions are planned to support and improve the sector (you may have read of an European Fintech passport earlier this year). Platforms manager will discuss how they are going to use new technologies to provide an improved service while ensuring customer protection and transparency. You will learn from corporate and bank executives how they are responding to such innovations and what the future of the sector will look like in the next five years. You will be able to question legal and IT security experts on current and upcoming issues regarding cross-border activity, consumer protection and cybersecurity.

If you want to learn, discuss and shape the next phase of online access to finance in Europe, together with an international audience of 200+ decisions makers and stakeholders, this is your chance.

Register today and join us in Vilnius on the 19-20 October!

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