ECN’s two case studies that illustrate match funding-practices (act4Greece) and platform-partnerships (TousNosProjets) in the cultural and creatives sectors


The European Crowdfunding Network has developed two case studies in order to illustrate match funding-practices (act4Greece) and platform-partnerships (TousNosProjets) in the cultural and creatives sectors. Both case studies are available and can be downloaded below.

Background : The EC-funded project Crowdfunding4Culture targets cultural and creative professionals (freelancers as well as organisations), crowdfunding platforms, backers, as well as local, regional and European policy makers. The final Crowdfunding4Culture Conference will take place on 20 June 2017 in Hotel Bloom, Brussels. Registration here 


An initiative for the promotion of social and development banking in Greece

 The National Bank of Greece, in strategic cooperation with organizations and foundations of international standing, initiated the crowdfunding platform act4Greece. The objective of the platform is to enhance projects that are needed by the Greek society. act4Greece is seen as the pioneer programme in Greece for the promotion of social and developmental banking. Act4Greece mainly hosts projects from Nongovernmental Organizations (NGOs) and Greek Universities that seek funds through the donation-based crowdfunding model.

Seven areas of action are covered by the programme:

1) Welfare, Health and Solidarity

2) Social Economy and Entrepreneurship

3) Culture and Cultural Entrepreneurship

4) Young and Innovative Entrepreneurship

5) Environment and Sustainability

6) Research, Education and Training

7) Sporting Activities.

Website here  

Access to the Act4Greece CASE STUDY HERE 


Aggregating crowdfunding projects in France

The website is a platform that aggregates projects of French crowdfunding platforms. It was initiated by the French public investment bank BPI France. The goal of the platform is to support the emergence of crowdfunding in France by giving visibility to the crowdfunding industry and its operating platforms.

When the platform was set up in 2014 it hosted 13 French platforms, including donation and reward-based platforms, lending-based platforms and investment-based platforms. In September 2016, had 38 French crowdfunding platforms on its website, which hosted a total number of 956 projects.

Website here

Access to the TousNosProjets CASE STUDY HERE


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