Call to ECN Members: become a webinar host


ECN’ is committed in raising awareness among entrepreneurs on how to best use crowdfunding for their businesses. In this perspective, we have started giving webinars and workshops to group of startups and SMEs.

ECN would like to give the chance to volunteering members to host or participate in one of our upcoming webinars on crowdfunding. We are planning different topics, ranging from the use of social media during a campaign, to best practices for investors. However, we welcome your suggestions too.

You will be delivering the webinars to  groups of startups and entrepreneurs participating into Eplus Ecosystem and Investhorizon projects. The former provides support to a new range of European web-entrepreneurs. Its aim is to ensure that at least 100 web companies get funding by public or private venture capital, or crowdfunding, in order to reach global scale. The latter, instead, will boost the investment awareness and readiness among innovative SMEs and improve the sensitization of investors and innovation intermediaries across Europe.

By participating in this, you will have the chance to actively shape together with ECN the content of the webinar and bring to the table cases and examples from your experience.

If you are interested in becoming a webinar host or participant, please contact Irene at irene[dot]tordera[at]eurocrowd[dot]org.


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