Rotem Shneor, Associate Professor, University of Agder, School of Business and Law


Rotem_Shneor_print_7083 BWDr. Rotem Shneor is an associate professor at the University of Agder (UiA) School of Business and Law in Norway. He is the academic director of the university’s Center of Entrepreneurship, a member of the Cambridge Alternative Finance Leadership Board, and currently serving as the head of the Nordic Crowdfunding Alliance. The alliance he is leading is currently comprised of five crowdfunding platforms and two stakeholders in the Nordic crowdfunding scene, which are dedicated to the promotion of a crowdfunding-friendly Nordic region through collaborative efforts. His own expertise are in a variety of issues related to Entrepreneurship, Crowdfunding, as well as International Strategy and Marketing. He has a long track record of teaching, researching and supporting entrepreneurship. Thus far, he has published in various academic journals, trade magazines and has contributed a number of chapters to research-focused edited books.


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