InvestHorizon: Call for Expert Coaches


What is InvestHorizon? InvestHorizon is an European Commission funded project that will address the main challenges affecting investment readiness in Europe. The project will assist start-ups and SMEs by providing investment readiness training.

What is the role of a coach in InvestHorizon? As a part of the project, 200 coaches will be offering their services. The primary role of the coaches is to provide a first line feedback on the investment readiness of the companies. The companies will profile themselves, and their business, on the InvestHorizon platform and then their profile will be reviewed by three coaches. A sample company profile is included in this document.

Why should I become a coach? As a coach you have the opportunity to assist many start-ups to become investment ready with only a small engagement on your part. You will be a participant in the InvestHorizon European Commission funded project and you will be able to profile yourself as an expert in your field. You will also have first access to exciting new ideas from innovative start-ups and entrepreneurs.

How much time will it take?
Feedback on the profiles of the companies is all that is required, and as such, the time commitment is small: approximately 20-30 minutes to review a profile. The overall time required is between five hours and seven hours over the project lifetime.

Do the companies know who reviewed them? No. Your profile is not communicated to the companies that you have reviewed. In addition each company is reviewed by three coaches. However your profile as a coach is published on the InvestHorizon site.

Is it remunerated?
The work of the coaches is not directly remunerated but, as stated above, the interest for you
would be to profile yourself as an expert in this

For additional information or if you would like to discuss the role further, please contact Kathrin at kathrin[dot]kohl[at]eurocrowd[dot]org


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