Conference on European Alternative Finance & Marketplace Lending, 28 May 2015, London


The 1st Annual Conference on European Alternative Financing & Marketplace Lending will take place 28 May, 2015 at One Great George Street, London. Alternative Financing & Marketplace Lending encompasses a range of innovative and diverse financing tools and products evolving as a result of, and in response to, the changing conditions and structural reform affecting financial markets following the financial crisis. It is an evolving industry which will have a significant impact on the on-going reform and regulation of Europe’s financial markets.

The conference will offer attendees a forum to discuss:

  • developments within and the future direction of this market
  • the vast opportunities presented for various participants within it including banks, alternative investment funds, private equity, peer-to-peer platforms, technology innovators, entrepreneurs, specialty financing companies, SME’s, structured finance participants, asset managers, insurance companies, and other stakeholders
  • the major challenges facing this market, such as the viability of a European Capital Markets Union, existing and future regulation, the economic landscape in Europe and other competitive barriers.

ECN will take part to the panel on The Importance of Technology & Reporting for P2P Platforms, Direct Lenders and other Market Participants.

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