European Commission Publishes Crowdfunding Guide for SMEs


DG Growth has published a crowdfunding guide for SMEs as part of the EC’s general endeavour  to understand and  inform citizens about the potential and the risks of this new form of finance. ECN has been carrying forward a dialogue with DG Growth since 2012 and it is proud of being mentioned in the crowdfunding guide as a portal for finding more information on the subject.

The crowdfunding guide for explains what crowdfunding is and how to use it. It offers information for on different types of crowdfunding (donation, equity, reward and lending)  and gives practical tips on how to access it. It also highlights the risks companies may face when collecting funds through this finance tool.

This publication follows other initiatives promoted by the European Commission on the sector, for example the Communication released in March 2014, named “Unleashing the potential of Crowdfunding in the European Union”, whose aim was to develop a common understanding of the potential for this form of financing at EU level and to prepare the ground for possible future actions.

ECN welcomes this publication by DG Growth on crowdfunding and hopes to see more initiatives like this one, aiming at informing the public and the entrepreneurs on this new source for funding, which finds applications in several sectors.

Download the Crowdfunding Guide for SMEs here.


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