Business Innovation Observatory, 16 April 2015, Brussels


An interactive forum on the power of innovation to transform industry and accelerate growth

The Business Innovation Observatory High-Level Conference on “Innovation for supporting smart value chains” will build on what the Juncker Commission has recently set out in its ambitious agenda, aiming to give a new boost to jobs, growth and investment in Europe. Innovation is a key underlying driver of this new road-map and an important factor for further developing a strong European industry to generate more employment and wealth in the EU in the future.

The industrial landscape is being increasingly reshaped by the rise of smart value chains, often resulting from cross-sectoral and cross-border cooperation and facilitated by the rapid technological evolution in some areas. Smart value chains can contribute to generating enhanced productivity and cost savings, decreasing time-to-market, respecting the environment, and providing better quality output. Ultimately, smart value chains deliver more value for businesses, intermediaries and consumers.

Innovative solutions are already transforming value chains across a wide range of sectors. ECN will contribute to the discussion by participating in the panel about “New financing models for smart value chains”. Find out more about the event here


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