Forthcoming election of ECN’s Executive Board for the period of 2015-2017


During its annual General Assembly in June 2015 the European Crowdfunding Network (ECN) will renew the composition of its Governing Body the Executive Board.
The role of the Executive Board is to fulfill its statutory mandate to supervise the management and the administration of ECN with the highest standards of ethical conduct and in the best interests of the organization.

The Executive Board shall be composed of between three and nine individuals, whom will be representatives of crowdfunding platforms, Full Members of ECN. Associate Members may also be appointed to the board at the discretion of the General Assembly, but not represent a majority on the board with a maximum of two Associate Members represented with at least five board members in total. Only Members having paid their annual membership fee can be elected. The Board composition is expected to reflect the diversity of the different platforms (lending, reward, equity) and a fair balance in gender and geography.

Role and responsibilities
•       The Executive Board, on behalf of the ECN, assumes the task of management supervision and advice. It looks into joint problems, helps to prepare reports and takes decisions regarding the orientation of the associations activities;
•       The Executive Board elects a Chairman to represent the interests of its members before any public or private authority, including in any legal or official proceeding; it also elects a Secretary of the Board and a Treasurer to exercise additional guidance and feedback to the Secretariat ensuring that overall organizational, operational and, last but not least, financial matters are dealt with.
•       The Executive Board fixes the annual subscription due by members.

Expectations of Board Members
•       Board Members are expected to be professional and experienced. They are expected to maintain a high attendance record at meetings of the Board (in person, by phone or video conference) and expected to review the materials circulated in advance of meetings of the Board and should arrive prepared to discuss the issues presented.  Board members are encouraged to contact the Chair of the Board or the Executive Director to ask questions regarding agenda items prior to meetings.
•       The Board will meet at least four times per year, but Board Members are expected to provide guidance to the Secretariat if needed and to engage with stakeholders and potential members throughout their appointment.
•       Board Members owe a duty of loyalty to advocate the mission of ECN, contributing to the growth of the organization by proactively informing others about the organization in order to increase membership and stakeholder interaction. They make collective decisions and interact with fellow board members in the best interest of the organization.

New members are welcome to apply also after joining ECN


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