P2PFISY, 29 January 2015, Frankfurt


The recent success of P2P finance has raised new research questions on the opportunities and risks of the current digital transformation of financial markets. Te first International Workshop on P2P Financial Systems (P2PFISY), to be held in Frankfurt on January 29-30, 2015. This workshop will bring together scholars, regulators and practitioners interested in the P2P technology aiming at bridging the gap between academics, technologists, policy makers, regulators and FinTech addressing technical and research questions of practical importance on Cryptocurrencies, Crowdfunding, Digital Money Transfer, Peer-to-Peer Lending, Mobile Banking and Mobile Payments, Smart Contracts and Decentralised Autonomous Corporations. P2PFISY 2015 will focus both on research topics relevant to the scientific community, and evidence coming from industry and policy-making case studies. The workshop will also feature a panel discussion for participants from academia, industry and financial regulatory bodies to share their views on the major threats and opportunities related to the emerging disruptive forms of new digital finance.

ECN’s Chairman, Oliver Gajda, will be among the panelists. Find more information here: https://www.ecurex.com/p2pfisy/#home



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