Impact and Potential of collaborative Internet and additive manufacturing technologies, 27 January 2015, Bruxelles


The Internet is allowing virtual communities to easily co-create digital assets and intellectual content at a very low “cooperation cost”. The ideology behind the open-source software development methodology has actually spread to new domains such as open-data, open-design and open-innovation. A new set of Internet tools and services is now available to leverage the “wealth and the wisdom of the crowd”. Complex projects can be crowd-sourced and crowd-funded by small and medium sized companies to reduce their cost of doing business. The “crowd” itself uses and modifies “open-data” to “co-create” new open-designs for the purpose of participating to “crowd-sourced” projects.

The event, hosted by the European Parliament, feature several international speakers form the open source and sharing economy fields. ECN will be there to present crowdfunding and the open source economy. See more details here.




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