ACCA President Debate, 2 December 2014, Brussels


“A new course for Europe: Focusing on enhancing competitiveness and returning to sustainable growth”

The results of the recent European elections and the rise of Eurosceptic parties showed that EU decision-makers need to regain the confidence of European citizens. It is hence more important than ever to successfully complete the transition from the implementation of restrictive policies imposed by the crisis to safeguard financial stability and return to sustainable public finances, to new reliable, sound and growth-enhancing recovery measures aimed at fostering competitiveness, investment, jobs and prosperity.

Growth and employment are founding values ​​of Europe and are inextricably connected.It is vital to put in place to right framework, with sufficient legal certainty, to enable the real economy to get back to its feet. Representing around two thirds of the employment and nearly 60% of the value added in the EU, SMEs are key contributors to sustainable growth. As part of its efforts to address long-term financing, the European Commission has clearly identified support for SMEs, particularly financing of SMEs, as a key area of focus.

ECN will be there to take part to a round table on “Supporting and investing in the SME and mid-cap market, biggest employers of the real economy”




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