How to shoot a great crowdfunding video


It might seem trivial thing to say, but the video pitch plays a very important role in a crowdfunding campaign. Just consider that 50% of the projects with a video get funded compared to only 30% among those that do not have a video. Thus, it is essential, if you want to increase your chances of success, to shoot a video pitch of your project. And you can do it nicely, even if you are not a professional videomaker. You only need a camera, a video editing software tool and our tips.

 Tell a story. A good shot will tell a complete story. This means it should include a subject and an action. In particular, the public wants to know who are you, what are you doing, why you are doing that, why you are using crowdfunding and why you need people’s support.

 Show us your face. It is important for potential backers to see your face and get to know a little bit who you are. Try to look trustworthy. As shown by an academic study,this will help people in their decision to invest. Would you give money to someone of which you never saw the face or that does not look trustworthy to you?

Communicate emotions. While telling your story try to transmit emotion too. Leveraging empathy will help you to be liked by the viewers.

3 minutes or less. People’s attention span is quite short. That’s why you want to keep your video pitch under 3 minutes of length. It might seem to you a too short time, but in reality it is enough.

Always say thank you. Sometimes people give it for granted, but it is really not. Saying thank you at the end of your video will be appreciated even by those people that do not pledge any money, but who take time to watch the video until the end.

Use a stool. To have a more quality shooting, it is advisable to use a tripod to get more stable images. In case you do not have it, use a kitchen stool!

Put some background sound.To obtain a great effect, select an audio track to use as background sound. You can check the internet for websites that offer royalties free sound files.

Edit it to make it look a seamless final product. If you do not have any experience in editing, what you have to do is using straight cuts, that is no corny transitions between clips. You can check the Internet for websites  that offer low cost editing softwares.

Make it fun. Always remember that the video must not be boring. Once you have it, ask for feedback to your friends to see if they find it boring and how it can be improved.



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