How to get your project on platform’s home page


One thing that probably many entrepreneurs wonder, when they use crowdfunding, is : how can one get on the front page of a crowdfunding platform?

Well, truth is that there is not a single answer to this. It really depends on the platform and its characteristics. However, in general, crowdfunding platforms tend to display on their homepages those campaigns that get the more supporters or the more money in the shortest time period. It has been observed by some sector’s experts in the USA that the projects listed on the front pages of some major websites were able to collect on average ⅓ of the money in ¼ of the time. How you do that? You probably need a great idea, lots of people that believe in you and, most of all, you must have gone through an intense preparation activity before launching the crowdfunding campaign.

Another way to increase your project’s chances to be listed on the platform’s homepage is to engage with the website’s community. This can be achieved,  for example,  by uploading frequent updates about the project development, the press coverage or the product features and by answering the questions users ask you.

To conclude, crowdfunding is and shall always be a democratic and meritocratic financing method and, as such, only those initiatives that work hard to achieve success will be favourited. For this purpose, it is essential to prepare the crowdfunding campaign in advance, putting effort in building an audience, reaching the press and finding the best ways to promote it.


This post was originally published as part of Startup Europe. The European Commission’s Startup Europe initiative was created to connect web entrepreneurs across Europe, providing networks, resources and information to help them startup their business and grow, creating new jobs and transforming the economy and society.

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