CrowdTuesday kicks off in Paris before going pan European


Alex Raguet, from the energy crowdfunding platform Lumo, was the first ECN member to organize a CrowdTuesday on the 15th of April, at the new Espace Startup of Bpifrance in Paris. About 50 actors from the French crowdfunding scene got together for two hours of presentations, informal discussions and networking around drinks.

Five speakers, who included among others the managers of Wiseed and MangoPay , briefly presented their view about crowdfunding (see presentations here), which provided excellent inputs for the following one-hour-long discussion among attendees.

Differently from the majority of events about crowdfunding taking place in France and in the rest of Europe, CrowdTuesday is not an event for people who want to learn the basics of crowdfunding, but it is rather targeted towards a more expert audience that wants to know and discuss the latest updates about the industry.

“CrowdTuesday, with its informal and friendly atmosphere, provides a perfect chance to form and strengthen a local crowdfunding ecosystem. The fact that the space for frontal presentations is very limited and that attendees have to stand up makes it a perfect occasion for networking”, said Mr. Raguet.

CrowdTuesday Paris turned out to be a great networking opportunity for the local crowdfunding industry actors who attended the event. At the end, what better occasion to exchange business cards and the latest news about the development of crowdfunding then in front of an after work drink?

It was a big success, for both organisers and participants. As a result, Lumo will be organizing two more CrowdTuesday events in Paris: on the 20th of May and on 17th of June, both times at Espace Startup.

For more information about Crowd Tuesday Paris, send an email to Alex Raguet

If interested to organize a CrowdTuesday, get in touch here.

Stay tuned to know when CrowdTuesday is happening in your city or get in touch to organize one and find out more!


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