Colloquium ‘Philanthropy Day 2014’ , 24 April 2014, Brussels


The philanthropy sector is still moving fast. New challenges, new tools and new methods are spurring philanthropists and their advisors on to develop innovative initiatives for a better society. Philanthropy is becoming ever more diverse and increasingly accessible, and now forms an integral part of the advantages of our society. The Colloquium ‘Philanthropy Day 2014’ philanthropists, notaries, asset managers, bankers, people from family offices, and NGO and foundation representatives will brainstorm – during workshops, readings, testimonials and action reports – on the evolution and the place of philanthropy in our society and on the new challenges facing philanthropy in coming years. This third edition of Philanthropy Day will once again be a time to raise awareness. It will also provide a lever to be able to continue to guarantee that philanthropy can develop further and can take the best possible advantage of what is expected of it.

The European Crowdfunding Network, represented through Lionel Slusny – Secretary of the Board, will participate discussion PHILANTHROPY 4.0, especially how social media and new technologies support networks and enables them to better communicate with their stakeholders. Speed, connectivity and virtual are concepts that also form integral part of numerous philanthropic undertakings at present.

For more information visit the event website or view the programme (PDF)


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