On the Possibility of Crowdfunding in Europe


On the possibility of crowdfunding in Europe_titelOn the 30. January 2014 in Vienna, the European Crowdfunding Network presented to Michel Barnier, European Commissioner, Directorate General Internal Market and to Reinhold Mitterlehner, the Austrian Minister of Economics its view on the current debate on regulation in Europea and Austria in particular in our role as the trade association of the European crowdfunding platforms.

In particular, we seek to expound the perspective of the crowdfunding platforms in order to increase the practical relevance of the discussion. Moreover, we want to lay down the prerequisites without which crowdfunding cannot function in Europe. This paper is a reminder of key practical aspects, in order to help the European Commission consider any regarding crowdfunding in Europe. In particular, our wish is to supplement the current debate with practical experience.

The European Crowdfunding Network has been vital to launch the political discussion on crowdfunding with the European Commission. As a open collaborator to public organisations we have provided detailed insights and research to the European Commission and many other European and national administrations since 2012. In order to create a positive discourse on the potential of crowdfunding and the necessary steps to ensure its potential in job creation, competitiveness and innovation, which are used to its full extend within and for the benefit of the European Union.

You also can read our full statement, just download it here

EU-Binnenmarktkommissar Barnier beim Crowdfunding Event im Haus der Europäischen UnionMichel Barnier with the European Crowdfunding Network position paper, listening to our intervention. Source: Representation of the EU-Commission in Austria/APA-Fotoservice/Bargad


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