KPMG identifies ECN as role model and thought leader for local Governments


KPMG, the consultants, and Stibbe, the lawfirm, have identified the European Crowdfunding Network as a thought leader and role model for industry networking and public affairs work in a report for the Flemish Government in Belgium. KPMG Partner Bart Walterus and Stibbe Partner Frederik Vandendriessche provided the Flemish Government with structured advice and a guide as to how to engage with crowdfunding. The European Crowdfunding Network has been as the role model for industry engagement and public representation.

The report is inspired by the work done by the European Crowdfunding Network and draws extensively on our expertise. It was presented to the Flemish Government already in August 2013 but made public only in November. We are proud to have been chosen by KPMG and Stibbe and the fact that our work is providing world leading companies. The work especially draws on our development of a framework to establish crowdfunding across Europe and our legal and regulatory review and its impact on the European Single Market..

The European Crowdfunding Network looks forward to continue its collaboration with international organisations, national and local governments and other stakeholders. We consider it our job to help relevant developments and provide our knowledge and services directly to all relevant stakeholders to foster the European crowdfunding industry.  We will continue to help policy makers to better understand how crowdfunding can help address economic development. Interested parties are welcome to contact our office via email at 

You can download the full report (Flemish) here




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