EUROCHAMBRES Economic Forum, 16 October 2013, Istanbul



The EUROCHAMBRES Economic Forum is the largest platform for networking and benchmarking for Chambers of Commerce from all around Europe and beyond!

The Programme is covering topics such Internationalization, Female Entrepreneurship, Startups and Access to finance. The European Crowdfunding Network will join the discussion around Access to Finance and showcase the future of business finance. The session is moderated by Arnaldo Abruzzini, Secretary General, EUROCHAMBRES, Oliver Gajda, co-founder and Chairman, European Crowdfunding Network Aisbl will set the scene for the discussion, which will explore the need, both internationally and locally, for adaptable sources of financing in the form of loans, debt, equity or investment funds.

The conference will explore what has driven the emergence of the current debt and equity gaps and what can be done to narrow them? What are the risks specific to each financing model, and how might they be mitigated? How best can the supply and demand of business financing services be better balanced? What is the role of Chambers of Commerce and Industry in facilitating access to finance for their members?µ

To register for the event, please visit the EUROCHAMBRES Economic Forum website here


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