Research & Education Work Group


The Research & Education Work Group of the European Crowdfunding Network is concerned with data collection, industry and impact research as well as stakeholder education and conferences. The Work Group consist of full members and associate members and is headed by a work group Chair and Co-Chair, which are elected from within the work groups and appointed by the Executive Board for a term of two years. All work provided within the Work Groups is pro bono.

  • Christin Friedrich, Innovestment, Germany
  • Suzanne Huiskes, Pifworld, Netherlands (Work Group Vice-Chair)
  • Oliver Gajda,Germany
  • Ronald Kleverlaan, Webclusive, Netherlands (Work Group Chair)
  • Vincent Ricordeau, Kisskissbankbank, France
  • Reinhard Wilfort, 1000×1000, Austria

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