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Through crowdfunding, projects and entrepreneurs have access to capital, to create innovative products & services, to create jobs and contribute to economic growth. Crowdfunding is a reliable long-term investment mechanism that will help stabilize the financial systems and enable local & global communities to actively shape economic development.

The European Crowdfunding Network promotes and supports the development of Crowdfunding mechanisms as a viable funding source to European entrepreneurs, projects and for investors. The ECN understands Crowdfunding in its broadest definition as ” the mechanism of pooling and distributing relatively small financial investments from a large audience of supporters in exchange for equity or liabilities carrying financial returns or other non-financial rewards, where supporters are people or organisations who network, usually via the internet, to jointly support other people or organisations ”

A pan-European ecosystem

The European Crowdfunding Network (ECN) is maintained through representations in
Austria, Belgium, France, Finland, Germany, Great-Britain, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden & The Netherlands, currently counting : 900+ Supporters 150+ Prospective Members


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