Arnaud Houdmont, Chief Communications Officer at Better Finance


Arnaud Houdmont joined the team at Better Finance following a varied and multi-faceted career in the world of communication, press relations and research at the heart of Europe. During this time he worked closely with policymakers from the European Commission, the European Parliament and private sector stakeholders on topics such as youth employment, entrepreneurship, health policy, sustainability and innovation. Prior to this, he earned a master’s degree in Global Communication from Goldsmith’s College (University of London) and a bachelor’s degree in International relations from Sussex University.

His studies and career have given him a critical and analytical insight into a range of issues, as well as a profound knowledge of political economy, media and the European institutions. On a personal level, Arnaud is fascinated by all aspects relating to sustainable development and political economy.

At Better Finance, Arnaud is responsible for all communications activities and the continued development of an inclusive communication strategy aimed at reaching all interested parties and stakeholders. He speaks fluent Dutch, English and French and has a very good working level of Spanish.


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