ECN supports European business transformation! Meet us at Crowd Dialog Europe 2018, Vienna


The European Crowdfunding Network (ECN) is pleased to support the European Commission and the Parliament of Austria in hosting this year’s Crowd Dialog Europe, 17-18 October in Vienna. On the 17th, the EC will hold an invite-only roundtable. The event is co-organized by the Innovation Service Network’s ECN Board Member Reinhard Willfort and follows a tradition of gathering experts in business transformation across Europe. Join the discussion on diverse practical and conceptional scenarios in crowdfunding and the future of online collaboration, beyond the hype from the fields of alternative Finance, Blockchain Innovation and Digitalization.

Crowdfunding, with its unique mix of social engagement and financial services, has been at the forefront of the political discourse of digital innovation. Today is facing relevant discussion on a harmonised European opt-in regime for securities and lending-based crowdfunding as well as platform run ICO. ECN will discuss the actual proposals in detail at our ECN Crowdfunding Convention, 18 October 2018, Brussels.

In Vienna’s Crowd Dialog, ECN members and others will explore ideas about the future value transfer for the European economy. Crowd Dialog is an independent annual event covering a range of topics from alternative finance, open innovation and digitalization. Topics will cover the future of digital technologies, such as distributed ledger technologies and their impact on finance, work and innovation. The desire for more flexible and self-determent wealth management, employment models and innovation models will be at the centre of this event.

For SMEs, digital developments have opened new opportunities for the formation of knowledge networks and distributed value chains, especially in the collaborative economy. Process innovations, digital services and business models can now be made even more flexible and easier. The digitalization of the innovation process provides great opportunities, especially for SMEs.

For interested parties, we are glad to share a 40% DISCOUNT, while interested ECN Members can refer to the secretariat for free access to become a member of your official Country Delegation.

For more details on the event please click here.


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