ECN has welcomed 10 new Members since January 2018


The European Crowdfunding Network is a dynamic community where many stakeholders engage one-another and develop opportunities and business related to crowdfunding and alternative finance. Every year ECN happily welcomes new Members who actively contribute to network’s activities.

Therefore, we are excited to inform that since January 2018, the following organisations have become ECN Members:


  • Growfunding – a civic crowdfunding platform for Brussels and the surrounding region.
  • Koalect – primarily it is a platform that designs fundraising tools. It is also a crowdfunding platform dedicated to fundraising for non-profit organisations such as schools, sports clubs, youth movements, hospitals, theater groups and other.


  • Envestio – created as a private investment fund in 2014, Envestio is now one of the leading companies in the industry of “New Finance” or “Finance 2.0”, which offers premium investment opportunities through the online crowdinvesting marketplace.
  • Iuvo Group – strives to deliver superior experiences for investors through its wide listed credit portfolio by trustful originators and outstanding platform simplicity.
  • Bulkestate – a real estate crowdfunding and group-buying platform.


  • Karolina Fund – launched in September 2012, Karolina Fund is a project management and funding platform finding people to work with and projects to take part in.


  • Novareckon – a spin-off company of the University of Piemonte Orientale, aiming primarily at knowledge brokerage. Novareckon acquires and helps to create knowledge within universities and research centers and disseminates this knowledge toward the stakeholders, such as public bodies, enterprises, non-profit organisations and citizens.


  •  Voor Je Buurt – a crowdfunding and crowdsourcing platform for civic projects in The Netherlands.


  • Goteo Foundation – a community platform for cultural and social innovation p2p financing.
  • Crowdfunding Bizkaia – a crowdfunding platform which aims at creating a link between the promoters who have innovative projects born and located in Bizkaia, with investors from all over the world.

ECN’s mission is to empower and strengthen the crowdfunding experience in the EU. If you run a crowdfunding platform or if you are interested in having access for you or your beneficiaries to crowdfunding opportunities, consider joining our network. You can learn more about membership advantages and the joining procedure here.


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