Sandra Vlašić, Co-founder and Executive Director at TERRA Hub Croatia


I am environment and development expert with 20 years of professional experience at international organizations. My passion is in nature and people together happily after. Or finding ways for progress and development for all of us within the boundaries of resources on Earth and writing engaging stories about that.

My profession goes back to 2003 (and beyond) when I got engaged with United Nations Development Programme Croatia as the Environment Programme Officer and as the Head of Office in the last two years of its mission in Croatia. The office closed, but the team stays together and expands. I am one of the co-founders of TERRA Hub where we work on alternative finance and social innovations, low-carbon development and sustainable energy in close collaboration with the Green Energy Cooperative. Together we are creating an ecosystem of socially responsible low-carbon development professionals specialized in a holistic approach, exploring, testing and creating concrete solutions for people, communities and nature. We have just joined the EIT Climate-KIC Regional Innovation Scheme (EIT-RIS) community as being the Hub for Croatia.


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