Stars4All incubates and launches the Cities at Night crowdfunding campaign


The EU funded project Stars4All has recently inaugurated its own crowdfunding platform by launching the Cities at Night crowdfunding campaign.

The team of researchers behind the Cities at Night campaign aims at developing a better-resolution map of the world at night, by rearranging available images stored in NASA databases. In order to achieve their goal, they aim at engaging the largest possible number of citizens on an online platform, that would enable them to sort out images and file them under different categories while playing on their laptops.

The Stars4All project has supported Cities at Night so that researchers could design and launch their crowdfunding campaign, which is now open and accessible online.

The campaign has been launched in May and aims at achieving a target goal of 12.000 EUR, which will be used for the design and maintenance operations of the online game. In the first weeks following the official launch, the campaign has already received funding from 48 supporters and has collected over 2.000 EUR. With more than two months to go, the objective of involving citizens in science projects and raise awareness about light pollution and its effects seem to be on the right path to success.


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