European Crowdfunding Network joins SolarCoin Foundation Advisory


The European Crowdfunding Network is supporting the SolarCoin Foundation and will take a seat as an advisor. SolarCoin is an alternative digital currency and the world’s largest community-based solar electricity reward programme. Its alternative digital currency may be claimed by individuals with solar-powered homes or commercial solar electricity producers. The project promotes the use of clean, environmentally sustainable energy, with the eventual goal of shifting the levelized cost of energy away from fossil fuels.

ECN Executive Director, Oliver Gajda, comments: “At ECN we see increasing use and innovation of crowdfunding and alternative finance applications based on distributed ledger technology or blockchains (DLT). DLT are generic technologies with common blocks and diverging features that cover a revolutionary potential. Their disruptive nature not only applies to business solutions but also supply chain processes and business models themselves. Their reach even leads to new opportunities in the legal and public sectors where new innovations might cover wide social impact ranges. ECN believes that DLT will have a sustaining impact on our industry by providing more secure and faster transactions and data connections. We find that SolarCoin Foundation has created a highly innovative reward programme using alternative digital currency linked to environmental impact, which we wish to support and ensure lessons learned are converted within other applications of crowdfunding and alternative finance.”

SolarCoin is claimed by individuals living in homes with solar panels on their roof or commercial solar electricity producers. In working closely with the solar industry, the SolarCoin Foundation, with SolarCoin, is creating uptake for solar equipment and helping create jobs in the Renewable Energy sector. The SolarCoin Foundation has granted 6.98TWh Terrawatt-hours’ worth of grants to solar owners across 59 countries. The Mission of the SolarCoin Foundation is to help deliver more Solar Energy globally and initiate the Global Energy Transition.


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